Experiencing Flying “rods” in person!

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The “flying rods” creatures are amazing!
They are extremely fast and capable of flying at extreme speeds.
In fact, they fly so fast that most people don’t witness or catch them in person but rather on their cameras after its recorded.
In my opinion, these “Flying Rods” can be in this dimension and another ones we might not know fully about. How can I speculate this notion and why?
well, I have seen one of these “Flying Rods”appear and within 3 seconds later it disappeared right in front of me as if it went into an invisible worm hole.
I could only try to give you the illustrations below but also if you click here for more pictures and information.
Both me and one other person whom I was hanging out with at the time thought for a second that we were hallucinating.
However, we both knew that it was indeed a “real sighting” because we were not under influence of any drugs.
Years ago, when I first seen this creature in person I had no idea what it was called! Then I tried searching the internet and came across the name “flying rods” or also known as “sky rods”.
When it came through and appeared in front of us, it almost sounded like a small drone but it looked very organic and insect-like looking. It also moved like waves and the one that I saw had a brownish color.
During the time it was after 6-7 o’clock in the evening when I witness this rare phenomenal. The exact location of my personal sighting was Maricopa, Arizona.
I was amazed that others have also experienced this special rare unknown creature. They have sighting of these creatures seen in places such as Southern California, Scotland, Mexicali and more!
That experience until this day leaves me to wonder how mysterious our world truly is and how much we have not discovered yet!
Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Deja Vu

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What is “Deja Vu” really?
Deja Vu word’s origin is French and the word literally translates to “already seen”.
Have you ever had the familiar eery feeling that the situation that you are currently experiencing, you already experienced it before? As if, it is all happening again with the same exact details included too?
For instance, let’s say you are walking down the street and suddenly pass by the same house, however, you remember going through the exact same situation with details, like watching the cat fall down a certain way and walk off.
Some say that we experience “Deja Vu” because we have already seen the event in a vision or a dream, while others would argue that this phenomenon is connected to our subconscious mind.
Certain individuals also believe that  “Deja Vu” and “reincarnation/past lives” are somehow related or connected with each other.
The purpose of this segment is to simply point out all the interesting topics and perspectives that surround this notion.
One thing is for sure, “Deja Vu” is fascinating and this particular subject shows us that the mind is more powerful than we thought.
Maybe even the “reality” we experience is not what we think it is?
What do you think about “Deja Vu”? Share comments below.
***Other interesting words related to Deja Vu are “Deja entendu” which means “already heard” and “Deja lu” which means “already read”. ***

8 Useful Summer Tips

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It’s summer time again and it’s time to enjoy our moments with family and friends.

Below listed are a few tips that I find to be crucial during this season and I decided to share them. You might already know these tips, so use them as reminders!

  1. Most people head to the pool to cool down and relax, however excessive chlorine is very toxic for the skin and body. After swimming make sure to wash off the chlorine with any natural/organic soap and warm water. You can also wash off chlorine from your hair by adding two tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo.
  2. Use alternative sunscreens that have a high SPF coverage and yet have organic and natural ingredients instead of chemicals. You can search for these particular sunscreens on Amazon.com or your local grocery store if available.
  3. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, however remember to use safe plastic containers or other safe alternative containers for drinking your beverages outside. The high temperature releases the toxic chemicals that are in the plastic into drinks and it becomes toxic to drink.
  4. It’s easy to feel more sluggish during this season, but try not to skip your workout routine or exercise. You can slow down and rest more often. However if you keep up the routine you will have a sense of achievement and satisfaction even during the summer.
  5. In addition to hydration, you can be extra healthy by eating the right diet. For example, try to eat more organic vegetables, fruits, and juices. This step is important, especially if you drink alcohol.
  6. Read fiction and non-fiction books to stimulate your brain. You can do this while on vacation or when you are at home. Exercise for the mind is just as crucial as it is for the body.
  7. Do not leave any pets outside either. They also suffer like us and leaving them out in extreme temperature is animal cruelty. Wait until the sun goes down to take them out for a walk.
  8. Wearing the right clothing also matters and adds to the comfort. Try to wear cotton, loose-fitting clothing to help you cool down better.

Aloe Vera is Amazing

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Aloe vera was given the name; “plant of immortality” by the Egyptians because it has many beneficial properties. Native Americans and other cultures also used this precious plant often.

I have been experimenting with aloe vera for over two years. I add the aloe gel in my daily routine uses such as body lotions and drink aloe juice as well.

The juice part of aloe vera helps with digestive issues and much more!

There is abundant amount of aloe vera grown in Arizona as well as other states.

What makes this plant so great is that it contains minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins that make it into a great healing combination.

“Aloe vera contains 20 of the 22 essential amino acids required by the human body. It also contains salicylic acid, which fights inflammation and bacteria.”


  1. Skin benefits, can treat rashes, cuts, and skin burns.
  2. It has dietary benefit, helps with constipation.
  3. The actual plant can cleanse the air in the environment.
  4. Soothing properties for the hair as well and moisturizes the scalp.
  5. Aids the immunes system as well!
The active compounds that are found in Aloe vera:
  • Minerals. Including zinc, copper, chromium, magnesium, iron and sodium.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Vitamins including B2, A, B(thiamine) B12, C, E, and folate.
  • Enzymes- lipase, lactic dehydrogenase, and more!
  • Amino acids- contains 7 out of 8 essential amino acids!

8 Ways to Manifest Faster

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A couple of years ago the movie “The Secret” came out and the subject of “law of attraction” has been gaining more popularity ever since.

One notion that is not mentioned in the movie however, is that there are factors that influence the law of attraction as well.

We know that the law of attraction states, “where attention goes energy flows”. However, another cosmic law called “Karma” or the law of “cause and effect” can also influence the manifestation process.

Even though some people don’t believe in either of this universal laws, it does not mean that they don’t exist or operate in our reality.

Below are eight ways listed that you can be aware of both of these universal laws and use it for the best manifestation approach.

You would need to take the necessary steps to make your reality better, therefore always use your own judgment and intuition.

1. Utilize the process of visualization. Our imagination is powerful and when used for good, it can bring the things that we desire. Day dreaming about the things that we want might actually make the process of achieving it faster!

2. Feel  the feeling first. Try to feel happy instead of always chasing “happiness” or what it would look like to others. Lets focus on going through whatever emotions that are rising up or things that are triggering us. Lets focus on the feel good things instead to make more of those memories.

3. Cleansing of the karma. Start doing good deeds to balance bad karma and gain more positive results in your life. Forgive yourself and release anything that is holding you back like your past. Let yourself do better even if you had made many mistakes before.

4. Study and research the people you admire. Find out what is the everyday routine of the person you admire in your inner circle. Someone who is closer to you and someone that is not necessarily a celebrity figure.

5. Don’t limit yourself. Do not adopt negative or limited thinking. Think anything is possible.

6. Take action. Don’t sit idly by while waiting for the universe to make things happen. You must also take action. This is one of the most important steps, make sure to take action because without any action nothing will ever be moved or changed.

7. Use affirmations. Write affirmations down and listen to positive affirmation on recorded audios.

8. Feel all the emotions. Sometimes you have to feel the negative emotions to understand the underlying reason. Don’t bash these emotions out or be ashamed of them. You don’t have to focus on them too much, just be present in the moment.

5 Tips For Checking Into a Hotel

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Having years of experience in the hospitality industry, I wanted to share a few tips for checking into a hotel with my readers. I have worked in the front desk, assisted people in the sales office, HR, housekeeping and even security. During these years, I learned a lot about the way the industry works and the hidden details most people might not know about. Below listed are a few basic tips for checking into a hotel.

  1. Ask if there is any upgrades available. Usually if the hotel is not booked or busy for next several days, there is a higher chance that you can get an upgrade. So don’t be shy and ask! You might just get that special room that has the nice balcony view or a bigger room with more options.
  2. Find out if there is any free rewards program that you can sign up. Most hotels have certain free points or reward programs. Once you accumulate the points you might end up getting free stays or free meals. Plus, the process to sign up is usually fast and easy.
  3. Review the amenities. Sometimes the front desk agent might be too busy, and trust me this happens often. They might forget to mention the other hidden amenities. You can always call the front desk back from the phone that is provided in your room.
  4. Enroll into environmental friendly choices. Save the planet and feel great. Most hotels are now rolling out new green programs and initiatives in which you skip the housekeeping cleaning or have recycling options.
  5. Be nice to the staff.  This simple step is important. If the staff likes you; chances are they are going to give you good recommendations or things to help you make your stay better. When you are kind to people things just seem to work out for the better!

Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution

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Tons of commercials and advertisement is shown around the new year’s, suggesting to people the best gym membership deals, adventurous places, and weight loss programs.

However, despite all the hype most people quit their new year’s resolution within the first two weeks!

So why does this happen?

There is always couple of factors that come into play like lack of motivation and not believing in yourself or your goals.

  1. Don’t set your goals too high or short, that half way through you get discouraged. Remember that you also have to get yourself mentally prepared.
  2. For the most part, it is helpful when another person has the same goal. You can motivate each other and keep things on track.
  3. Take it one step at a time and celebrate achieving smaller goals as well. Rewarding yourself can make a positive difference during the process.
  4. Many people do not have discipline. New year’s resolutions or any kind of resolution takes time and therefore disciple is one of the most important factors. Do you remember every morning as a kid, you had to wake up early to be at school on time? Even though you probably did not like it, it required discipline. Use that same concept towards your goals.
  5. Finally stop beating yourself down. You can write positive affirmations next to your mirror or wall for reminders.

Real Men Cry

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Too many times we hear the saying, “crying makes you look weak.”
or that; “crying is only for girls!”
What do we usually end up doing?
Too many times we are ashamed to show our true emotions in fear of being judged by our peers or society.
So we end up holding all that pain inside. Until finally, the emotions bursts out into something worse like anger and rage.
Folks, that is the opposite of healthy!
Unless you are in prison or somewhere where you can’t show fear or emotions to survive then; you should not be bottling up your sadness. That will only cause you more harm.
There is a term called “emotional resilience”. A term that is not familiar to many individuals, and yet it contains much importance in our lives.
Emotional resilience is a persons’ ability to adapt to stressful situations in life including external events.
In order to have a better emotional resilience, a person has to be honest with their own emotions in the first place.
It is no surprise that people who shame others for crying, also don’t have a strong sense of emotional resilience themselves.
So next time you want to shed a few tears, remind yourself that you are just a human being.
Releasing your emotions through tears is another way of adapting and building more emotional resilience in life.

5 Simple Feng Shui Tips

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Photo by Timothy Buck

Have you ever found yourself drained and most of the time your thoughts are scattered while you are in a certain room or environment?

Based on my own personal experience, I think that Feng Shui can literally change the way a person feels in their environment.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chines system that is based on the concept of harmonizing the environment and your living space by implementing certain things like decorative furniture and much more.

Shortly after I changed the set up my room and a few things in there, I did notice a difference in my own creativity.

You have to try Feng Shui on your own to see how effective it can be.

  1. Colors are effective! I tend to find that solid, neutral colors are best mixed with one or two abstract paintings in the room. Natural sunlight is of course very important. So make sure not to block the windows!
  2. The arrangements of the bed, desks, chairs, and other things can surprisingly create more space and balance. Try to move things around to see what arrangement works best in your room! Make sure to keep the room organized and decluttered as much as possible.
  3. The temperature of the place and the environment matters as well. Keep the room not too hot or cold. If you are studying, however, it is said that “cold temperatures keep you awake and focused”. Therefore, that might be a better option in the office or the business area.
  4. Flowers, and certain plants are great for changing up the space. Aloe vera can be a great addition!
  5. Sounds and certain music can create a harmonizing atmosphere. So play that Jazz/classical track and enjoy your day.

10 Ways to Battle Depression

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Photo by Ben Blennerhassett

What can you do when you just can’t get out of that dark hole called “depression”?

Every now and then even the people that look like they have it all, feel the low emotions and sadness as well.

Depression is when you feel unworthy however, this is a signal to recollect and redirect your thoughts for the most part.

We are all human and sometimes we don’t want to admit feeling vulnerable and confused.

I found out the best ways to battle when I feel the lows. I hope these tips can help others as well.

  1. Walk outside especially near trees where there is plenty of fresh oxygen.
  2. Start journaling your thoughts. If you are shy or don’t have anyone you can vent to; you can use journaling as a way to vent and express the way you feel.
  3. Find hobbies and activities that you enjoy. I have written blogs related to this subject. (Click Here).
  4. Most pets and animals show unconditional love and affection, so you can try to adopt one or be around them!
  5. Study and observe people and things that interest your goals and desires. Instead of being envious towards anyone, picture yourself just as successful and happy.
  6.  Remember to eat clean and healthy because it affects your mental/emotional health as well.
  7. You can find support groups online and in you area if you search for them.
  8. Give away without wanting anything in return. You would be surprised how much happiness this simple step can bring you!
  9. Train your mind to find the positive even in the worst situations. Find few things you are still grateful for and can’t live without.
  10. Finally stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. When you stop comparing, you start to feel more free and happy.